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Entrepreneurship Lab: 2013 Inaugural Pitch Day


This year, NYCEDC launched Bio & Health Tech Entrepreneurship Lab NYC (ELabNYC), a training and mentorship program for aspiring entrepreneurs in New York City’s life sciences and healthcare community. The Lab was designed to serve graduate students of science, post-docs, and early-career researchers interested in forming new biotech and health tech ventures. With the support of NYCEDC partner Design Technologies, 18 new ventures were selected from a highly competitive pool of 80 applicants to participate in our inaugural class.

On May 16, 2013, the ELabNYC community held its inaugural Pitch Day. Ventures presented their final pitch presentations to a community of over 100 senior stakeholders from New York City and the region, including investors, serial entrepreneurs, and prospective collaborative partners. This event represented the culmination of a six-month experience, following intensive mini-MBA training and expert coaching. We were thrilled with the level of feedback from the audience and the progress made by our participants over the course of the program. With support from across NYC’s academic medical centers, ELab has been helping NYCEDC build a robust ecosystem for venture creation in the City.

The 27 participants in the program represented a total of 18 teams. These new ventures are commercializing innovations ranging from medical devices and research tools to therapeutics and informatics platforms, with some already generating revenue. Please see below for an overview of our inaugural class and their ventures.

We look forward to recruiting our next class in the coming fall. Visit our website or follow us on Twitter (@elabnyc) for our latest announcements.


Rodney Agayan & Mark Punyanitya
Resolution Bioimaging
Developing software platform for Clinical Trials, to facilitate virtual training and compliance for advanced imaging protocols, automatically reduce technical errors.

Ashish Agarwal & Paul Scheid
Solvuu (NYU affiliation) 
Developing big-data management and analysis software for genomics, applying a novel software engineering methodology to advance biological research and healthcare.

Roger Altman & Scott Blanchard 
Lumidyne Technologies (Weill Cornell Medical College affiliation) 
Designing next-generation fluorescent probes, with enhanced brightness and photo-stability across the visible spectrum.

Sina Basir & Ke Cheng
HistoWiz (SUNY Downstate Incubator affiliation)
Histopathology services company processing mouse tissue samples and digitizing results for cancer researchers in academia and pharma.

Jason Dictenberg
No Brainer (CUNY Hunter College affiliation)
Commercializing novel cryopreservation techniques for primary cell cultures.

Eliot Dow
BrainSeq (Rockefeller University affiliation)
Developing analytics platform for the brain’s nanoscale architecture, to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of brain disease.

Anthony Elder, Mikail Kamal & Jason Rosenberg
Jibon Health (Columbia University affiliation)
Developing low-cost, low-tech emergency obstetrics device for managing PPH in low resource settings.

Elena Fedorov, Luca Gusella & Arevik Mosoian
SkinAxis (Mount Sinai School of Medicine affiliation)
Designing advanced 3D skin technologies for the validation and discovery of drugs and cosmetic active ingredients in physiologically relevant conditions.

Ophir Gaathon
Diamond Nanotechnologies (Columbia University affiliation)
Developing system of nano-diamonds for mapping neural activity at the sub-cellular level, to enable breakthroughs in neuroscience, accelerate drug discovery and development.

Michael Khalil
VOTI Solutions (Columbia University affiliation)
Building a novel optical tomography imaging system to diagnose and monitor peripheral arterial disease and help reduce the number of diabetic foot amputations.

Joseph Landolina & Isaac Miller
Suneris (NYU/Poly affiliation)
Commercializing an inexpensively-produced gel that instantly stops bleeding and facilitates faster healing.

Tian Liu
MedImageMetric (Weill Cornell Medical College affiliation)
Developing image processing software to assist neurosurgeons performing image-guided surgery.

Suzanne Maher
Joint Innovations (Hospital for Special Surgery affiliation)
Commercializing a non-degradable synthetic implant designed to mechanically function in similar way to native tissue, enabling robust fixation at the site of implantation.

Neal Paragas
InVivo Analytics (Columbia University affiliation)
Developing molecular imaging animal model and image processing algorithms to allow for non-invasive, real-time visualization of efficacy and safety studies.

Sudarshana Purkayastha
(Albert Einstein College of Medicine affiliation)
Therapeutics company leveraging discovery of oxytocin as a novel and powerful anti-obesity agent, developing the next-generation oxytocin analogs with improved properties.

Kate Rochlin
ImmunovENT (Weill Cornell Medical College affiliation)
Re-inventing allergy diagnostics with the Local Allergy Mucosal Brush (LAMB) Test, to identify local, antigen-specific igE not found in skin or blood tests.

Scott Trocchia
FET-diagnostics (Columbia University affiliation)
Developing nano-scale device, combining circuit design and biochemistry to diagnose infectious diseases at the point of care.

Yu Zhang
(SUNY affiliation)
Developing novel synthetic Curcuminoid as a diabetic wound healing treatment.



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