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Launching the Digital Health Marketplace and Breakthrough Network


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At the third annual Pilot Day, 200 leaders from tech and healthcare came together at the Alexandria Center for Life Science – NYC to celebrate a major event in healthcare innovation.

Speaking to the assembled crowd, NYCEDC’s Kathleen Warner, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the Center for Economic Transformation, unveiled ten promising health tech pilots and announced a major expansion of our efforts to drive collaboration between the City’s tech sector and its hospitals, payers, and community clinics. 

In order for these partners to navigate the healthcare industry’s historic transformation, the barriers that separate startups from administrators, providers, and patients have to be opened up. NYCEDC’s new Digital Health Breakthrough Network will serve startups who seek to validate early prototypes through rapid pilot tests. More mature companies with enterprise-ready products will be able to reach prospective customers through the Digital Health Marketplace, formerly Pilot Health Tech NYC. The Digital Health Breakthrough Network will be operated by HITLAB, and the Digital Health Marketplace will be operated by Health 2.0.

Digital Health Breakthrough Network

breakthrough network

Early-stage startups need access to providers like doctors and nurses, as well as patient volunteers, in order to prototype and improve tech tools that actually meet these end-users’ needs.

For the first time, the Digital Health Breakthrough Network will allow this work to happen in a rapid and affordable way. NYCEDC and industry partner HITLAB, a research and innovation lab, will convene a Network of partner sites that will collaborate with participating startups to execute small but powerful pilot studies. These studies will help the startups produce the data they need to find the clients and investors they need to grow and create jobs—as many as 1,000 over the next 10 years.

Digital Health Marketplace

digital health marketplace

Once a company has turned their initial prototype into an enterprise-ready product, it will be time to find ready customers using the Digital Health Marketplace. Formerly Pilot Health Tech NYC, this program offers improved matchmaking, technical assistance, and funding support to connect buyers and sellers of health technologies. Healthcare organizations meet only those companies whose products match one of their own self-identified business needs; after a successful match, the company and prospective client can apply to the Marketplace’s funding program for a competitive award that could defray up to 50% of the cost of a pre-sale pilot project that validates the company’s technology for full-scale commercial use.

To date, Pilot Health Tech NYC has been a tremendous success: nearly 600 matches have been made and the teams who have received project funding have gone on to reach tens of thousands of New Yorkers and create over 110 jobs. On Wednesday, Kathleen Warner announced the latest 11 projects to receive funding. Congratulations to these innovators!

2016 Pilot Health Tech Winners

AgeWell Global LLC / Henry Street Settlement
AgeWell is a peer-to-peer care model that is designed to improve well-being and promote health outcomes among older adults. In the pilot, AgeWell will test its model with 30 of Henry Street Settlement’s clients in order to reduce hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

Bluestream Health / Jewish Home Lifecare
Bluestream Health brings remote expertise into the context of care delivery. This pilot will implement the Bluestream Platform at Jewish Home’s 106th St. Skilled Nursing Facility, bringing remote expertise to the bedside to prevent avoidable hospital readmissions and ER visits.

InGen (Innervation + Genioglossus) / Weill Cornell Medicine Center for Sleep Medicine
InGen (Innervation + Genioglossus) and the Weill Cornell Medical College’s Center for Sleep Medicine have partnered to conduct a pilot study of targeted genioglossal strengthening on obstructive sleep apnea. The innovation is a promising alternative to existing treatments that many patients find uncomfortable and difficult to comply with.

Quality Reviews, Inc. / Mount Sinai Health System
Quality Reviews’ product, RateMyHospital®, is a HIPAA-secure, patient relationship management platform that enables healthcare provider organizations to measure, manage, and improve the patient experience in real-time via mobile devices. Quality Reviews is piloting the system with Mt. Sinai and will track patient satisfaction as the host implements service improvements at 2 facilities.

RecoverLink / Mount Sinai Hospital
Using RecoverLink’s advanced algorithms, Mount Sinai hospital will be able to virtually observe heart failure patients at their homes in order to identify negative health behaviors, provide early intervention when necessary and course-correct risky behaviors before a readmission occurs. This pilot will determine the cost-savings, efficiency and overall satisfaction with RecoverLink’s technology versus the current standard of care.

RubiconMD / Callen-Lorde Community Health Center
RubiconMD is a web-¬based platform that allows primary care providers to send patient cases to specialists for quick e-consults. In the pilot, all Callen-Lorde providers will have access to RubiconMD to submit unlimited consults to top specialists when they need it. RubiconMD will collect data on the impact of these interactions and work with Callen-Lorde to quantify the impact on improved clinical outcomes, avoided unnecessary costs and wait times.

SensaRx, LLC / Hebrew Home at Riverdale
SensaRx’s SafeWander Button Sensor is a secure way to alert caregivers when their patients rise from their beds thus, enabling them to provide a timely response and to monitor their patients. Their pilot with Hebrew Home at Riverdale will demonstrate the effectiveness of the SafeWander Button sensor in preventing residents’ falls and reducing response time to falls at night.

Sodium Analyte Level Test LLC (S.A.L.T) / Weill Cornell Medicine
S.A.L.T, in conjunction with the Weill Cornell Clinical & Translational Research Center, will pilot a smartphone-based device measuring daily salt intake to enable self management of hypertension for 150 patients over the next 6 months. The S.A.L.T device provides a direct physiological measurement of salt intake at home, once a day, and without physician oversight.

TweeQ LLC / VillageCare
TweeQ combines an easy-to-use patient app that personalizes and motivates home exercise, with a platform that allows therapists to track compliance and gather feedback. In light of new reforms to bundle physical therapy payments, TweeQ and VillageCare will test the ability of their technology to maximize quality outcomes for improving functional gains while minimizing Medicare costs.

Yosi, Inc. / Healthfirst
Yosi is a cloud-based mobile patient check-in and communication platform that helps patients manage their care across various providers, while improving patient experience, expanding access to preventive healthcare, and provider workflow efficienciesimproving the provider workflow. The pilot with Healthfirst seeks to use the platform to reduce ER utilization and increase engagement in the Claremont section of the Bronx.

Blue Mesa Health / Mt. Sinai
Blue Mesa Health has developed a platform to help prediabetic patients lose weight through technology and health coaching. In their pilot, Blue Mesa will distribute their platform, connected scales and activity trackers to 200 Mt. Sinai employees to reduce their risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

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