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ConnectNYC Fiber Challenge



NYCEDC is pleased to announce the ConnectNYC Fiber Challenge, a competition for small and medium-sized commercial and industrial businesses with fewer than 100 employees to win free high-speed fiber broadband build-out to their business.

Many of the businesses driving growth in the 21st century require access to reliable, high-speed broadband. Through ConnectNYC, New York City and leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are investing in the city’s future as a leader in connectivity and technology.

Contestants demonstrating the highest potential impact of fiber connectivity – on their own business, nearby businesses, and underserved areas – will become finalists. Finalists will have a chance to win a free build-out of fiber internet connectivity to their place of business. Potential winners will be required to sign a one-year service contract with a participating ISP at negotiated market rates before they are eligible to receive a free fiber build-out.

Apply now for this exciting opportunity! The submission period runs from Friday, October 19, 2012 to Thursday, December 27, 2012. To enter the contest, visit to:

  1. Click Accept this Challenge here to register your interest in participating. 
  2. Obtain a signed ConnectNYC landlord agreement (PDF), which grants Internet Service Providers access to your building in the event that you're selected as a winner.  
  3. Make your case: explain how your business/location would benefit from fiber-optic internet wiring. 

It is anticipated that over 240 businesses will receive fiber wiring over the course of the two-year program, an overall value of $12M invested in the City’s broadband infrastructure across two competitions.



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