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Your business may be best in NYC, but is it the best for NYC?

New York City businesses are at the cutting-edge, offering first-class products and services. Lots of companies compete to be the best in NYC. 

But at NYCEDC, we’re asking a different question with a new initiative launched last week: can you be best for NYC?

What is Best for NYC?

When Bogota Latin Bistro, a Colombian/Latin American restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn, opened its doors ten years ago, it quickly established itself as a neighborhood favorite. It received daily reviews like, "This is my favorite place!"

But owners George Constantinou and Farid Ali Lancheros faced a dilemma.

"Our cooks were going down the block, where they could earn $2 more per hour. Having to lose and rehire staff kept affecting our business operations.”

So they began to think of new ways to attract and retain their talent, incorporating new employee benefits over time. The restaurant provides 401(k) retirement plans, health insurance and paid days off, invests in training for employees, and provides competitive wages. 


Bogota Latin Bistro owners George and Farid, pictured above, at the Best for NYC launch on March 11. At Bogota Bistro, the lowest level, non-tip workers earn at least $10 an hour. 

Good business isn't just messaging; providing an inclusive and supportive work environment is about the bottom line. A business's greatest asset is its workforce. In today's economy, businesses have to tap the diverse talents of their employees and create a workplace where workers can excel. 

NYCEDC helps companies get there. Last week, through Best for NYC, New York City became the first municipality to host a “Best For” campaign, bringing home the global effort led by the non-profit organization B Lab. Businesses can take the first step by using B Lab’s assessment tool to benchmark their practices and impact on workers, the environment, and local communities against 20,000 other businesses.

Data from the assessment will help these companies to see where they excel and where they can improve. A customized improvement report will offer a roadmap on how to make improvements, turning those results into changes that enhance your company’s competitive advantage and quality of life.

Take the Challenge 

Join us in becoming Best for NYC. Why?

  • Strengthen your bottom line: Improving your workplace practices, such as competitive wages and benefits, training, and employee engagement can attract exceptional workers, reduce turnover, save on new hiring and retraining costs, and increase productivity.
  • Promote your business: Take the Best for NYC Challenge and earn your badge. Show your employees, customers, and community that your business is competing to be the Best for NYC and receive recognition as part of the Citywide Best for NYC campaign. At the end of the year, NYCEDC and B Lab will recognize participating businesses and celebrate those who have made progress 
  • Access tools and resources: Businesses that take the challenge can access unique tools, services, and resources that can help you strengthen your bottom-line and improve your business practices.


These folks are smiling because Best for NYC makes a better NYC!

At Bogota Latin Bistro, two workers that started as a runner and a dishwasher currently manage all operations in the kitchen. George and Farid know that valuable community jobs means excellent customer service. It’s no wonder they’re receiving reviews like, “I’ll definitely be back!”

So, are you ready to join us in becoming Best for NYC? Take the Best for NYC Challenge today

Build a better business and improve quality of life for all New Yorkers. Because your success makes our city better. Compete to be Best for NYC here.



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