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BigApps: Advice From Previous Winner Danny Moon


The deadline for BigApps 3.0 submissions is less than one month away. For inspiration, we asked previous BigApps winners for words of wisdom for this year’s competitors. Read on for insights from Danny Moon, creator of UpNext 3D NYC and Co-Founder/CEO of UpNext. His team’s app gives users the scoop on the greatest shopping, the hottest restaurants, the coolest nightlife in the New York City area with a map in 3D.

What advice would you give new BigApps applicants?

Create something useful, unique and compelling. Take a look at all the datasets and figure out how to mash a couple together to extract greater value. 

What are your future goals for your app, your company, and/or yourself?

Our goal is to continue building the best maps for mobile devices. We want our maps to be the first place users go to explore and discover cities and locations.

What were the most important aspects of winning BigApps for you?

Having New Yorkers hear about our app and use it was the most rewarding aspect of BigApps. The exposure to NYC residents, visitors, and the media helped seed our initial user base. Also, taking a picture on stage with Mayor Bloomberg was pretty sweet. 

How has your app, company, or career evolved since winning BigApps?

We raised a seed round of funding from high-profile angel investors and have continued to expand our mapping technology to a wider audience. Also, our mapping platform is now being used by brands to create unique mobile experiences for their users (see Official Super Bowl XLV app from the NFL).

Excluding your own, what’s your favorite BigApps app?

Taxihack, which represents the best of BigApps: local, community, interactive and useful.



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