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Apply for Up to $30,000 in Futureworks NYC Growth Initiative Grants!


Futureworks NYC Growth Initiative grants help startups like Sunhouse fund engineers, assist with product development, hire strategic consultants, and obtain other advanced manufacturing tools. The Sunhouse Sensory Percussion drum kit is revolutionizing the instrument. Credit: Sunhouse

NYCEDC is proud to announce the second round of Futureworks NYC Growth Initiative grants for early-stage advanced manufacturing companies. If you are a manufacturing startup or developing advanced manufacturing technologies, you could receive up to $30,000 in funding to support your growth here in New York City. No strings attached.

Here are the requirements:

  • You must have been incorporated at least one year
  • Employ fewer than fifteen full-time workers
  • Have generated revenue (not profit) or piloted products.
  • You don’t receive institutional funding (Series A round or above; angel investors or crowdfunding are fine)
  • Applications are due by Monday, November 14, 2016
  • Apply here!

Pensa: (noun) twenty-first-century inventors who created DIWire, a small machine with big build size and incredibly flexible applications in the engineering, robotics, design, lighting, medical, and furniture industries. Funding helped Pensa travel to Dusseldorf, Germany for an international wire trade show. Credit: Pensa

The goal of these grants is to help accelerate startups by infusing them with strategic growth investment. New York City advanced manufacturers who earned the first round of $30,000 funding included Adam Frank, Pensa, Poursteady, Sunhouse, and BotFactory. These five companies represent the diverse ecosystem of a manufacturing industry that is enjoying its most sustained growth in decades.

Poursteady’s smart coffee machines combine NASA-grade engineering with immediate New York City usefulness. No more long lines while waiting for a pour-over coffee. Poursteady used Futureworks funding to pay founders, hire an engineer, and get certifications. Credit: Poursteady

Pensa, the Dumbo-based product design and engineering firm, invested their Futureworks funding to travel to Dusseldorf for the massive trade show. Founders Marco Perry and Kathy Larchian said they were able to generate enterprise sales for their DIWire, gather market information, and make valuable relationships. Poursteady, the creator of the smart pour-over coffee machine, put Futureworks NYC Growth Initiative capital into their team. Founder Stephan von Muehlen hired a full-time software engineer, paid founders minimal salaries, and obtained key product certifications. “These investments were necessary,” von Muehlen told us, “but the Futureworks grant became critical in bridging the gap financially.”

Adam Frank is an artist, designer and product developer who constantly investigates light and interactivity. He’s created installations for the cities of Denver and Seattle and sells products through retail partnerships with the MOMA Store, ABC Home, Uncommon Goods, and more. Credit: Adam Frank Inc.

Botfactory Founder Nico Vansnick and the team went a similar route as Poursteady. By purchasing inventory and paying technicians to build for four months, Vansnick says the grant “helped the company push the boundaries of electronics manufacturing.”


The BotFactory team builds desktop PCB printers at a fraction of the cost and in less time than traditional companies. Futureworks NYC Growth Initiative funding enabled BotFactory to buy inventory, hire technicians, and build, build, build! Credit: BotFactory

Apply for a Futureworks NYC Growth Initiative grant today – your future self will thank you!

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