North Shore Transportation Improvement Strategy

The City is developing a community-driven, multi-modal Transportation Improvement Strategy for the North Shore of Staten Island. The Strategy will provide short-term, mid-term, and long-term recommendations to address existing issues and projected future development in the North Shore.


Using MTA Turnstile Data To Examine Land Use

Subway commuting data can offer clues to the residential and commercial use of space in the city which can help to inform planning decisions that will support economic and residential growth development in new and emerging areas. We set out to explore the New York MTA’s turnstile data.


#48 Commuting Trends in New York City

This month’s Economic Snapshot looks at commuting trends in New York City. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, around half of NYC residents commute to a job outside their borough of residence.


Citywide Ferry Study 2013

Last Updated

A blueprint outlining potential expansion of ferry service in New York City that draws on new census data and ridership data from historic and recently implemented ferry services in the city.


Ferry Policy and Planning in New York City: Considerations for a Five-Borough Ferry System

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A report to inform local stakeholders of best practices and lessons learned from implementing new ferry services within the five boroughs.

Economic Data

December 2013 Economic Snapshot

The importance of health in New York City's economy as well as our regular summary of the City's economy.


#42 Subway and Bus Ridership in New York City

Data on subway and bus ridership in New York City for 2012 reveals the highest annual subway ridership in 62 years, increasing 0.8 percent over 2011 even with the impact of Superstorm Sandy.

Economic Data

October 2013 Economic Snapshot

Subway and bus ridership in New York City as well as our regular summary of the City's economy.


No. 7 Secaucus Feasibility Analysis Final Report

Last Updated

The extension of the No. 7 Subway would provide needed capacity across the Hudson River and advance the broader goal of enhancing regional connectivity.


#37 New York City Commuting Patterns: Residents & Workers

The Census Bureau recently released new journey-to-work data that provide new insight into where New York City residents work and New York City workers live. Information about commuting patterns is useful for a variety of purposes that include labor market trends, housing needs, and transportation patterns across the region.


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