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NYC Solar Partnership

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As a member of the NYC Solar Partnership with Sustainable CUNY and the Mayor's Office, NYCEDC has helped solar energy in New York City grow by over 800% in the past five years, making solar a competitive renewable energy source. 


Helping Urban Tech Startups Reach the Next Level

NYCEDC is seeking an operator with a large entrepreneurship network, proven business-development success, and experience with securing and managing real estate to develop and launch the Urban Technology Growth Hub.

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RISE : NYC is a global competition to identify and deploy new and innovative technologies to prepare New York City small businesses for the impacts of future storms, sea level rise, and other effects of climate change.

Incubators and Coworking Spaces

Urban Future Lab

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The Urban Future Lab is New York City’s premier facility for the cleantech and energy community, supporting company formation and showcasing innovation.


Green NYC 2025: The Future of Green Technologies in NYC

Green 2.0 can create over 9,000 new jobs by 2025. The recently released Green NYC 2025 report showcases real opportunities for cleantech's digital evolution.


Green NYC 2025 – Opportunities in Cleantech’s Digital Evolution

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Find out how New York City stands poised to lead “Green 2.0,” the next generation of green and cleantech innovation.


Energy Consumption in New York City

In the July 2013 Economic Snapshot we looked at energy consumption in New York City, and July is the hottest month in the City in terms of monthly recorded average temperatures since 1934.


NYC BigApps and Cleanweb: Can Our Smartphones Make Us Greener?

On Saturday, May 18, NYC got a taste of Cleanweb’s power for rapid innovation at the Cleanweb Developer Day, sponsored by the Advanced Energy Economy (AEE).


Searching for a rewarding career in NYC? There could be a position waiting for you at NYCEDC.


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