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NYCEDC offers information about a variety of New York City equity, financing, and incentives programs designed to help businesses thrive.

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  • Business Incentives Rate

    Last Updated

    Business Incentive Rate (BIR) is an energy discount program co-administered by NYCEDC and Con Edison.

  • Commercial Expansion Program

    Last Updated

    Real estate tax reductions for commercial or industrial leases in targeted areas of the City.

  • Commercial Revitalization Program / CRT Special Reduction

    Last Updated

    Explore real estate tax reductions for commercial or retail leases in lower Manhattan.

  • Commercial Tax Incentives

    Last Updated

    Discretionary tax incentives for commercial projects with significant economic benefit to New York City.

  • Con Edison Economic Development Program

    Last Updated

    Discounted ConEdison energy programs to attract and retain businesses and jobs in New York City.

  • Empowerment Zone Benefits

    Last Updated

    Federal-designated area that offers an array of public funds and tax reductions for business development and investments.

  • Energy Cost Savings Program

    Last Updated

    Discounted energy program for businesses relocating to or undertaking capital projects in New York City.

  • Exempt Facilities Bond Program

    Last Updated

    Assistance in the form of tax exempt bonds for companies undertaking capital projects on exempt facilities in New York City

  • Food Retail Expansion to Support Health (FRESH)

    Last Updated

    FRESH promotes the establishment and retention of neighborhood grocery stores in underserved communities by providing zoning and financial incentives to eligible grocery store operators and developers.

  • Industrial & Commercial Abatement Program

    Last Updated

    Real estate tax reductions on newly constructed or physically improved New York City commercial and industrial buildings.

  • Industrial Business Zone Relocation Tax Credit

    Last Updated

    Relocation tax credit for industrial and manufacturing businesses relocating to an Industrial Business Zone.

  • Industrial Incentives for Developers

    Last Updated

    Tax reductions for developers undertaking industrial projects in Empire and Empowerment Zones in New York City.

  • Industrial Incentives Program (IIP)

    Last Updated

    Tax reductions for industrial companies in New York City undertaking capital renovation projects.

  • Job Creation and Retention Program

    Last Updated

    The Job Creation and Retention Program (“JCRP”) provides discretionary grant funds to eligible companies committing to create a minimum of 75 new jobs in Lower Manhattan as well as to firms making a commitment to retaining at least 200 Lower Manhattan jobs.

  • Lower Manhattan Energy Program

    Last Updated

    Discounted energy program for commercial tenants in lower Manhattan.

  • Lower Manhattan Relocation and Employment Assistance Program

    Last Updated

    This program offers a $3,000 per employee business tax credit for firms relocating jobs to Lower Manhattan. Businesses must also make improvements to the premise.

  • Lower Manhattan Sales and Use Tax Exemption

    Last Updated

    Slate of incentives for businesses relocating or recommitting to Lower Manhattan.

  • Manufacturing Facilities Bond Program

    Last Updated

    Tax-exempt bonds for manufacturers of tangible personal property acquiring, developing, renovating or equipping facilities in New York City.

  • New Markets Tax Credits Program

    Last Updated

    NYCEDC facilitates the use of the New Markets Tax Credit program for the financing of real estate projects in low-income communities through its CDE, NYC Neighborhood Capital Corporation, and strategic collaborations with a number of national CDEs.

  • Not-for-Profit Bond Program

    Last Updated

    Build NYC’s Not-for-Profit Bond Program facilitates access to private activity tax-exempt bond financing for not-for-profit institutions to acquire, construct, renovate and/or equip their facilities.

  • NYC Capital Access Loan Guaranty Program

    Last Updated

    Public-private lending program enables banks and credit unions to make loans to micro and small businesses that may not qualify for conventional bank loans.

  • NYC Development Finance Conference

    Last Updated

    The NYC Development Finance Conference is an annual event that brings together not-for-profits, developers, lenders and other industry experts to discuss tools for innovative economic development throughout the five boroughs.

  • NYC Entrepreneurial Fund

    Last Updated

    In an effort to strengthen and expand early stage entrepreneurship activities, the City created this $22 million fund to provide New York City-based technology startup companies with early-stage capital.

  • NYC Food Manufacturers Growth Fund

    Last Updated

    The NYC Food Manufacturers Growth Fund makes affordable financing available to eligible small food manufacturing businesses looking to expand their operations.

  • NYCEDC Nonprofit Capacity Building Workshop

    Last Updated

    NYCEDC's Capacity Building Workshop had two successful sessions in December 2014 and February 2015. Led by the Nonprofit Finance Fund, the workshop was designed to help organizations begin to plan capital projects like the renovation of a facility, acquisition of space, or new construction.

  • Open Industrial Uses Sales Tax Exemption Program

    Last Updated

    The Open Industrial Uses Sales Tax Exemption Program (OIUSTEP) provides companies with sales tax exemptions for the purchase of building materials to renovate and improve unenclosed industrial materials storage facilities in order to implement cost-effective pollution prevention controls and to create stronger safeguards for hazardous materials in the city’s flood zones.

  • Qualified Emerging Technology Company Incentives

    Last Updated

    Tax reductions for emerging technology companies in New York City.

  • Relocation and Employment Assistance Program

    Last Updated

    Relocation tax credit for commercial and industrial businesses excluding retail and hotels relocating into targeted areas of the city.

  • Sales Tax Exemption for Manufacturers

    Last Updated

    Tax credits for industrial and manufacturing companies in New York City on their energy consumption.

  • Solar Thermal Pilot Program

    Last Updated

    The Solar Thermal Pilot Program provided financial assistance to City-based building owners for installing solar hot water systems. NYCEDC launched the Solar Thermal Pilot Program in 2009, offering grants of 30% of installation costs up to $50,000 per solar thermal system to NYC-based building owners.


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