No. 7 Secaucus Feasibility Analysis Final Report

After decades of rapid population growth in northern New Jersey the New York metropolitan region’s trans-Hudson transportation system is rapidly approaching capacity. Studies have estimated that transit travel demand between New Jersey and Manhattan will continue to grow, increasing by 38% by 2030. Expanding trans-Hudson commuting capacity, particularly in distributing workers more directly among employment centers is critical to maximizing the region’s economic growth potential. New rail and bus capacity remain essential factors in satisfying future west-of Hudson demand, fueling New York City employment growth, and driving national as well as global economic development.

The extension of the No. 7 Subway, which is complementary to Amtrak’s Gateway Project proposal, would result in the first trans-Hudson tunnel connection that would provide direct rail access from New Jersey, not only to the West Side of Manhattan, but also to the East Side and multiple locations in Queens. It would provide needed capacity across the Hudson River and advance the broader goal of enhancing regional connectivity.

No. 7 Secaucus Feasibility Analysis Final Report


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