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NYC Urban Technology Innovation Center

NYC Urban Technology Innovation Center

A partnership between New York City and local universities will connect building owners and technology companies to drive clean technology innovation and commercialization.

Program Objectives

To promote economic growth in New York City's clean technology and real estate sectors, the City will partner with Columbia University, the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, and City University of New York to create the New York City Urban Technology Innovation Center (NYC UTIC).

NYC UTIC has three main objectives:

  • Increase the level of clean technology innovation in New York City
  • Promote best-practices sharing among building management stakeholders
  • Attract clean technology entrepreneurs to New York City and support those already here


Among the expected members of NYC UTIC, the three main groups are building owners, technology companies and other related industry stakeholders, such as utilities, financial institutions, contractors, design firms, and non-profits. Although actual engagement will vary based on an organization's membership level, participation is expected to include the following:

Building Owners

  • Gain access to building technology information and data for use in decision-making on technologies that can be deployed to reduce energy costs and address building management challenges
  • Participate in knowledge-sharing events on topics including financing and addressing City-specific building challenges with technology and service solutions
  • Participate in pilot technology deployments

Technology Companies

  • Conduct technology deployments in New York City buildings
  • Present cutting-edge research and recent project successes to NYC UTIC membership 
  • Participate in knowledge sharing events on topics such as entrepreneurship and addressing city-specific building challenges


  • Participate in knowledge-sharing activities
  • Participate in technology deployments


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