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NYC BigApps

A competition that empowers the sharpest minds to solve New York City's toughest challenges through technology, data, and collaboration.


BigApps will once again tap the best and brightest minds to work together to help solve major challenges affecting New York City residents, visitors, and businesses. This competition uses technology to make the City a better place to Live, Work, Learn, and Play. 

NYC Big Apps 2014

New eligibility rules for NYC BigApps 2014 allow teams to submit connected devices, data tools, games, and other technology products, in addition to mobile and web apps, to solve the City’s toughest challenges, encouraging multidisciplinary teams of programmers, engineers, designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and civic professionals to participate.

Participants had access to more than 80 mentors from tech and civic organizations in New York City, as well as six BigBuild events between May and July that were designed to encourage team formation and product development. A panel of BigApps evaluators chose 20 finalists, who had an opportunity to refine their products in advance of the live judging event and final Award Ceremony on September 16th. Over $100,000 in cash prizes will be distributed, thanks to sponsorship from tech companies such as Facebook, eBay, Microsoft, and Google. 

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2014 BigApps Winners

Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYCEDC President Kyle Kimball announced the winners of NYC BigApps 2014 on September 16, 2014.

This year’s winners were selected based on their potential positive impact and reach, functionality, long-term viability, and technical design.

The winners of the 2014 competition are:

Live and Best Connected Device Categories: Heat Seek NYC 
Heat Seek NYC delivers objective heating data that will empower the justice system to tackle the number of heating complaints that are made to 311 every winter, making New York City a safer and warmer place to live. Heat Seek NYC utilizes a suite of open-source hardware and web software that detects heating violations in real time, allowing authorities to identify problem areas and provide reliable evidence to ensure fairness in housing court disputes.

Work Category: helps low-income New Yorkers find job opportunities more quickly and easily. Utilizing partnerships with workforce nonprofits, NYCHired uniquely tailors their website to the unmet needs of job seekers. The website provides real-time information on job openings and has distinct search options that are unavailable on leading websites.

Learn Category: CourseKicker
CourseKicker is an online professional learning network that allows teachers to connect, collaborate and share best practices with colleagues beyond their own schools, anywhere in the world. CourseKicker uses social networking and crowdsourcing techniques to help teachers build strong professional networks, discover best practices, and recommend new connections and great lessons.

Play and Best Data Tool Categories: Explore NYC Parks 
Explore NYC Parks makes New York a better place to live by making our parks easier to explore, discover, and enjoy. By consolidating NYC park data with the Google Maps API, Explore NYC Parks encourages public utilization and awareness of New York City’s parks and public spaces.

Best Mobile App: Mind My Business 
Mind My Business gives shopkeepers peace of mind by helping local businesses manage their digital data and strengthen their bottom line. The app provides shopkeepers with business-specific alerts with information vital to the success of their business. With knowledge about issues like rodent sightings, upcoming construction, 311 complaints and changes to city regulations, this app will strengthen the businesses that serve as the backbone of New York City’s economy.

Best Web App: Dream See Doo 
Dream See Doo enables students and adults to explore a range of career possibilities and take related experiential challenges with NYC-based mentors. The app empowers people to find their passions and apply their skills productively, resulting in better career choices and alignment with their abilities and interests.

Best Game: PIPs 
PIPs leverages the power of points, smart tools and games to record and reward daily life choices that benefit environmental, community and personal health. By recognizing and rewarding beneficial civic engagement—from recycling and energy-saving to carpooling, bike sharing, and avoiding congested streets—PIPs helps New Yorkers solve environmental, health and livability challenges by securely integrating with multiple partners and centralizing data-tracking actions.

Past NYC BigApps Competitions

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