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New York City helped connect small and medium-sized businesses to high-speed internet by providing free fiber optic construction to qualifying companies.


NYCEDC partnered with six Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to offer small and medium-sized NYC businesses free fiber optic construction. Applicants were required to sign a one-year service contract with a participating ISP at negotiated market rates to be eligible to receive free construction.

In two years, the program received over 260 applications and led to over 50 service contracts signed. Read about some of the winners here

The program is now closed. 

News & Updates

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    De Blasio to Allocate $70 M. Towards Broadband

     |  Source: Capital New York

    ConnectNYC Success Story:

     |  NYCEDC, a recent recipient of ConnectNYC funding, is an online charity that makes it easy to help students in need through school donations. The company's chief operating officer spoke to us about how ConnectNYC helps the company to be more effective in its daily operations.

    ConnectNYC Winner Profile: Cover

     |  NYCEDC
    This month's ConnectNYC profile features Cover, the very first recipient of free fiber optic construction from ConnectNYC. Your business could be next!

    ConnectNYC Winner Profile: DecisionDesk

     |  NYCEDC
    Announcing the second round of ConnectNYC Fiber Access, a program to provide offices with free fiber construction.

    Second Round of ConnectNYC Launches

     |  NYCEDC
    ConnectNYC Fiber Access is an innovative, City-sponsored program providing free construction and installation of fiber optic cable directly to businesses. The program is designed to assist small or medium-sized businesses in unwired or underwired buildings by providing an opportunity to connect the building to fiber infrastructure.

    NYCEDC Launches Second Round of ConnectNYC to Construct Free Fiber Cable Wiring For Businesses Across New York City

    NYCEDC today announced the launch of the second round of ConnectNYC Fiber Access, an innovative, City-sponsored program providing free construction and installation of fiber optic cable directly to businesses.

    ConnectNYC Update: A Demand for Fiber from NYC Businesses

     |  NYCEDC
    NYCEDC received over 100 submissions to the ConnectNYC Fiber Challenge, a program awarding small and medium-sized businesses and organizations with free build-out of fiber internet connectivity directly to their place of business.

    ConnectNYC Info Sessions

     |  NYCEDC
    Attend an upcoming ConnectNYC application workshop to learn more about this free high-speed fiber broadband buildout giveaway. The deadline is less than two weeks away!

    Free, Reliable High-Speed Broadband Wiring for Your Business

     |  NYCEDC
    Are you a small or medium-sized commercial and industrial business that could benefit from free high-speed fiber broadband build-out to your business? Apply now for ConnectNYC to wire your business for the 21st century.

    Mayor Bloomberg Launches Competition to Install Free Fiber Cable Wiring in Growing Businesses Across the Five Boroughs

    Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today announced the launch of ConnectNYC, an innovative City-sponsored competition to encourage growing commercial and industrial businesses in New York City to apply for free fiber cable wiring and to ensure the City continues to establish itself as a leader in connectivity and innovation.


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