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Get a monthly summary of New York City’s economic highlights, including employment, real estate, construction, travel and tourism.

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Trends & Insights

Tech VC Trends & Insights
Quarterly New York City Venture Capital investment analysis. 

Industry Insights
Evaluation of New York City's economic sectors.

Borough Update
Exploration of New York City's borough economies.

Neighborhood Spotlight
Examination of New York City's local communities.

Best of the Blog

Stay on top of the most popular weekly posts from our blog.

Industrial NYC

Stay informed on New York City’s Industrial development opportunities, real estate, resources, and news.

Life Sciences & Healthcare Bulletin

Receive important updates on the latest information on Bioscience & Health Tech in New York City.


Keep up with news and updates about NYCEDC projects across the five boroughs.

NYCEDC In Your Neighborhood

Stay informed about the wide variety of NYCEDC projects and community initiatives across the city with this quarterly newsletter brought to you by our government and community relations department.

NYC Fashion Forward

The latest in NYC fashion news and industry resources for designers, buyers, manufacturers, and fashion enthusiasts.


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