Film & Event Spaces

Kingsbridge Armory

  • Total Available Space: ~ 180,000 sf
  • Status: Vacant
  • Main Drill Floor 180,000 sf

The Kingsbridge Armory (the “Armory”) is located at 29 West Kingsbridge Road in the Bronx. Reputedly the largest armory in the world, Kingsbridge Armory consists of a 180,000-square-foot drill floor spanned freely by pairs of vaulted steel trusses that rise 110 feet above the drill hall floor. The subbasement below stretches 105,000 square feet. The combined square footages and easy accessibility (parking, vehicle, and pedestrian entrances) provide extraordinary filming and event space in New York City.

Kingsbridge Amory has power and water but no heat or air conditioning. Bathrooms are available.

Temporary Use Requirements

Parties interested in using NYCEDC properties will need to meet certain time limit, insurance, and other requirements. Learn more about the requirements and process to acquire a permit.


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