Memorials in NYC


911 memorial

by Kevin McCaffrey, Project Manager, Economic and Research Analysis 

This past week, New York City observed Memorial Day with the rest of the nation. Here's a roundup of information on war memorials and veterans in the City.

War Memorials in NYC

New York City has approximately 250 war memorials in its parks and in other spaces managed by the Parks Department. Built between 1818 and 2007, these monuments memorialize conflicts from the Revolutionary War to the Vietnam War. The following map shows the location of all of the city's memorials. More information on memorials in New York City is available at the Parks...

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NYC GenTech Spotlight on Roxy Banik


Color Chase, Spring Break Game Jam's winning team, smile big shortly after being announced the grand prize winner.

A few weeks ago, we profiled NYC Gentech's Spring Break Game Jam, which brought 68 NYC high schoolers to Microsoft's office in Times Square to create fully functional mobile games as programmers, game level designers, and digital artists.

The winning team,

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NYC Makes Strides To Attract The World's Top Talent


By Kat Lau, Project Manager, and Virginia Maloney, Senior Project Manager, Media & Emerging Technology

NYC’s tech scene is booming! With over 1000 tech companies now calling the city home and new jobs opening up every day, the Big Apple is a top destination for talented job seekers.

NYCEDC is doing its part to help connect talented college students with the growing pool of NYC tech companies. Through on-campus events, student trips to NYC, virtual events, and an online common application, this year’s NYC Tech Talent Draft program connected over 3,500...

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Made in NYC: Codecademy



Like some of the best ideas, Codecademy was born out of a real-world problem faced by its founders.

When Zach Sims, a political science major at Columbia University, started learning to code, he found the technical jargon for various coding languages difficult to navigate. Along with a friend, Codeacademy co-founder Ryan Bubinski, Zach noticed an increasing gap between the skills being taught in school and the skills actually needed in the workforce. After learning Javascript, Zach wrote the first Codecademy lesson with a mission to make coding fun, free, and accessible to all...

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A Response to Todd Krizelman’s Open Letter to Mayor de Blasio on the Future of NYC’s Tech Community


The following is a letter from our NYCEDC president, Kyle Kimball, in response to an open letter published May 15 on VentureBeat, from Todd Krizelman to Mayor de Blasio.

Dear Todd,

It’s great to see a company like yours, which has grown, in small part because of our efforts, reaching out to make sure we continue to pay attention to the tech ecosystem. Your success, and that of others in your NYCEDC NYC Venture Fellows class such as Foursquare, Etsy, SecondMarket, and Gilt Groupe, makes us proud that so many participants have grown their businesses in NYC, adding high-quality jobs and expanding the city’s tech...

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May Economic Snapshot: Consumer Expenditures


How much are New Yorkers spending each year?

$58,658, on average, according to the Consumer Expenditure Survey from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is 6.2% higher than households in the Northeast and 14% higher for the United States as a whole.

Our May Economic Snapshot reveals where New Yorkers are spending the most money and how we compare to other metro areas. Some of the findings may surprise you. 

may econ snapshot chart 2


  • Housing: In the past decade, housing's share...
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New York City's Design Economy


From May 9th to May 20th, NYC celebrates its many creative assets during NYCxDesign, the city’s 2nd annual Design Week. The 12-day celebration coincides with a report released last week by the Center for an Urban Future that states that NYC leads the nation in the number of design firms. With 65% more designers than any other metro area in the U.S., and employment at city design firms increasing by almost 10% since the 2008 recession, NYC’s status as a design capital is rising.

NYCEDC is honored to support...

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Meet the Industrial Growth Initiative Program 2014 Finalists


We are proud to announce the 2014 finalists for the Industrial Growth Initiative Program.

The program, developed and run in partnership with Next Street Financial, provides small industrial businesses the opportunity to learn specialized growth and development strategies from industry experts in New York City. 

The Industrial Growth Initiative is comprised of two phases of workshops which precede the business plan competition. In the first phase, NYCEDC partnered with Next Street to lead business growth workshops across the five...

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Making It Here: An Exploration of Manufacturing in New York City


American manufacturing is experiencing a revival, and U.S. cities are at the center of it.

To highlight the progress New York City has made as a manufacturing hub, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Making It Here, a yearlong series of programs organized in partnership with Open House New York (OHNY) that explores manufacturing in the city today.

Through tours, talks, and other programs, New Yorkers will have a chance to visit and learn about how older industrial buildings are being revitalized to support new modes of manufacturing, as well as how some legacy manufacturers have been able to stay in place over time and thrive . 

As the OHNY blog reports,

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Made in NYC: Lua


Lua is a Made in NY startup with communication at the center of its mission. A classic startup story, the mobile communications company was established in 2010 by three friends in a Manhattan basement. The name, Lua, derives from an ancient Hawaiian martial art that emphasizes silent but effective communication. It's this philosophy that drives Lua's modern mobile enterprise with the goal of helping modern workforces coordinate and operate efficiently as one single unit.

We spoke with co...

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