Immigrants and International Students in New York City


Immigrants have long been an integral part of New York City. With more than 3 million foreign-born residents and over 40,000 international students, New York City has been called the "most immigrant-friendly city in the world."

This month's Economic Snapshot reveals that the New York metropolitan region is home to more international students than any other metropolitan region in the U.S., making it a hub for foreign talent. 

Some of the interesting trends revealed in the report:

  • Foreign-born residents comprise almost 40 percent of NYC's total population and almost 45 percent of the City's working-age population. <...
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Wanted: NYC Tech Talent


uncubed eric gertler

Over 1500 people packed into New York City's Metropolitan Pavilion last Thursday for Wakefield's Uncubed conference. The tech gathering—part career fair, part thought exchange among tech leaders—featured top NYC startups such as Tumblr, Meetup, and (you guessed it) NYCEDC's Tech Talent Draft.

At the event, Executive Vice President of the Center for Economic Transformation (CET) Eric Gertler spoke briefly about the tech and entrepreneurship opportunities available in New York City. Tech's...

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Upcoming Development Opportunities


Our latest roundup of NYCEDC's Request for Proposals (RFPs) includes properties in Brooklyn and Queens. Basic information is listed below but more details can be found by downloading the actual RFPs.

Central Brooklyn Culinary

Requesting: An individual, company, or organization to develop, operate, and maintain an incubator space. A food-use related incubator program, such as food manufacturing, storage, or shared commercial kitchen space is...

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Upcoming NYC Tech Recruiting Events


cmu tech talent panel

There are two major tech recruiting events coming up for those interested in learning more about New York City's tech scene.

1. NYC Tech Talent Draft's First Ever Virtual Event

What: Come hear CTOs, CEOs and Founders of top NYC startups talk about their experiences in the booming NYC tech scene. Hear about NYC’s rapidly growing startup community, get an insider’s perspective on how to land a technical or business job/internship, learn about what it’s like to work for a startup, and hear about “a day in the life” of an NYC entrepreneur.
When: Tuesday, November 19, 6-7 pm 

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New Incubators Are Creating Communities of Entrepreneurs


harlem garage

New York City's network of incubators is growing.

On Monday, NYCEDC opened HarlemGarage, a 6000-square foot incubator that has room for up to 150 freelancers, start-ups, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

"We've learned that innovation thrives on collaboration and productivity," said David Rotbard, co-founder of MicroOffice, which operates the HarlemGarage. 

harlem garage

Collaboration will take...

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Harlem, Jamaica

Checking In With The Staten Island Makers


si maker space

It's hard to catch Scott Van Campen and DB Lampman not making something. The artist couple, who recently opened the Staten Island MakerSpace, have worked together on projects for the past 20 years.

Previously, Scott owned an architectural metalwork shop in Stapleton, Staten Island for ten years. During that time, the couple, along with their now 11-year-old son, worked on projects ranging from manufacturing gates to sculpting. According to DB, "there are not many streets in Manhattan where Scott can't point out a gate, storefront, restaurant, residence, or museum...

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New York City's Digital Leadership


nyc digital roadmap

In 2011, Mayor Bloomberg introduced the City's first Digital Roadmap, a plan to make New York City the nation's number one digital city.

Less than three years later, with 100 percent of objectives complete, New York City’s Digital Leadership: 2013 Roadmap is the latest update. Led by NYC Digital, the report demonstrates the strides the City has made to date, driven by investments in infrastructure, education, open government, online engagement and technology sector support. Achievements include:<...

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Hurricane Sandy, One Year Later



Hurricane Sandy struck New York City one year ago this week. During and immediately following the storm, all agencies across City government mobilized to secure basic safety and services and help with initial recovery efforts.

In the days following the storm, NYCEDC worked with other City agencies to launch a suite of initiatives to help affected businesses get back on their feet as quickly as possible and, in turn, drive the recovery of neighborhoods across the City. While many New Yorkers continue to face challenges as a result of Hurricane Sandy, New York City as a whole has demonstrated a remarkable resilience over the past year.

Here are some of the ways...

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Hurricane Sandy

Brielle Avenue



Brielle Avenue, the historic 46-acre site in Staten Island, is a former farm colony that operated from the early 1800s until 1975. Despite several attempts at redevelopment, the site has remained vacant until recently.

Last week, NYCEDC announced redevelopment plans to transform Brielle Avenue into a vibrant, senior-targeted community. The site, which includes eleven landmarked buildings in various stages of disrepair, comprises the densest concentration of derelict structures anywhere in the five...

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Brielle Avenue

Hanging Out With The Entrepreneur At Large


         Screen shot of Virtual Office Hours with Steve Rosenbaum on October 24

By Kat Lau, Project Manager, Center for Economic Transformation

Steve Rosenbaum, NYCEDC's Entrepreneur at Large (EAL), hosted his latest session of virtual office hours yesterday via Google Hangout. He spent the hour fielding questions and dispensing invaluable advice to representatives from startups PivotDesk, Yellow Dig, Linnovision, Soliday TeleHealth, and Mogul Music Academy. 

Rosenbaum began by talking about the strengths of tech in New...

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