Thinking Ahead: How General Assembly Grew Into A Global Education Community


ga students

This post is part of NYCEDC’s Thinking Ahead series, which features editorials from New York City leaders and influencers across key sectors and neighborhoods to foster dialogue around the issues impacting our city. Read more Thinking Ahead posts here.

The following was written by Jake Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of General Assembly, a global educational...

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Inside a FRESH Supermarket: Super Fi Emporium


super fi emporium

Do you live in a FRESH neighborhood?

The FRESH program, which stands for Food Retail Expansion to Support Health, was created in 2009 to provide nutritious, affordable, fresh food options to underserved communities. Zoning and financial incentives are available to eligible grocery store operators and developers as a way to encourage neighborhood grocery stores to renovate existing retail space in communities needing more healthy food options.

Since launching, a total of 20 FRESH projects...

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The ABCs of SBIR/STTR Funding


By Lenzie Harcum, Biosciences and Health Tech Desk

Are you researching a cure for cancer, incubating a new application for clinical record keeping, or developing a diagnostic test for Alzheimer's?

Maybe you’re convinced that you’re working on a game-changing technology, all while you travel ever closer to the Valley of Death—that zone somewhere between the initial development of your innovative idea and proof that it has potential in the marketplace.

The rub is that you need capital to jump start your concept from the idea stage to something marketable. If there is high technical...

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The Most Delicious Sector of the Economy


food general

There is no shortage of food options in New York City. 

With food as creative and diverse as pizza, bagels, sushi, empanadas, artisanal cheese, and all of the ethnic offerings in between, New York City is rightfully called the food capital of the world.

The business of food is booming throughout the five boroughs. Food service is how young entrepreneurs, immigrants and natives alike, connect their heritage with their city. Add local artisans, street vendors, and restaurateurs, major food manufacturers, and vast distribution networks to the mix, and we see how food is a vital...

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Meet the Makers: Staten Island MakerSpace


staten island

Meet the Makers is NYCEDC’s podcast series that shares the stories of the next generation of manufacturers who live and work right here in NYC.

In the January episode of our Meet the Makers podcast series, we speak with the co-founders of Staten Island MakerSpace, DB Lampan and Scott Van Campan.

The 6,000 square...

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January Economic Snapshot: Food Manufacturing in New York City


Jan 2015 Snapshot

By Maureen Ballard, Project Manager, Economic Research and Analysis 

New York City's food manufacturing industry has witnessed a strong resurgence since 2005. 

After a rapid decline in the number of food manufacturing jobs and businesses in the late 90s and early 2000s, it seemed that food production was moving out of the city for good. However, since 2005, new businesses have seeded and employment has returned to levels comparable to those in 2000. Much of this growth can be attributed to small and medium-sized businesses of less than 20 employees. Food...

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An Inside Look at NYC's Incubators: BXL Business Incubator


What's incubating, NYC?

To date, NYCEDC has helped launch 15 startup incubators and co-working spaces across New York City's five boroughs. Over 1,000 startup businesses supporting 1,500 jobs have benefited from City-sponsored incubators, and these spaces provide affordable working space to innovative and promising entrepreneurs who are building businesses.

This Incubator Series provides an inside look into each unique workspace, the companies they house, and how they promote economic growth in New York City. 

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Education Technology in New York City


edutech stock

By Ivan Khilko, Senior Project Manager, Economic Research and Analysis

New York City is an ideal environment for education technology startups.

With steady sources of funding, as well as access to one of the largest school systems in the country, new companies are able to test their products on a total of two million students (a quarter of the city’s population) and 347,000 teachers (nine percent of the total workforce). CUNY, with more than 480,000 students, is the city's largest public higher education system and twice as large as the entire University Of California system.

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The 2014 Competition THRIVE Winner Is...


thrive winner sobro

We are thrilled to announce South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (SoBro) as the grand prize winner of our third annual Competition THRIVE. 

SoBro is taking home a $100,000 award to fully implement their United Business Cooperative. Congratulations, SoBro!

Competition THRIVE challenges community groups, businesses, and other organizations from the public and private sectors to develop creative proposals that support entrepreneurship in...

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Using MTA Turnstile Data To Examine Land Use


By Kevin McCaffrey, Senior Project Manager, Economic Research and Analysis 

Subway commuting data can offer clues to the residential and commercial use of space in the city.

Like any major city, New York City has some areas that are more residential and some that are more commercial. Getting a better understanding of where people live, work, and commute to can help to inform planning decisions that will support economic and residential growth development in new and emerging areas.

For example, you might think that people work in more commercial areas like Midtown and Lower Manhattan, and live in more residential areas like Upper Manhattan and the other boroughs. The MTA's turnstile data, which counts each rider who enters the subway system...

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